Planning for Successful Projects


My experience extends from 2013 all the way to the present. I have always been focused on planning complex projects.
I have been involved in planning the entire life cycle of the project, from idea, through design to implementation and final phase.

In my role as a planner, I have also had training as part of my assignments.

My project experience around planning is as follows.

The planning tools I master is


Planning is a necessary way to structure activities and milestones in the most effective way
to achieve a set goal in time and within budget.

Planning is useful in all parts of a project, design and development, purchasing
and production. Through planning, we build together, on paper, to find pitfalls
and coordination risks, opportunities and risk minimization.

Plus it’s incredibly fun!


"To plan is to move the future to the present so that you can do something about it." - Alan Lakin

Operational planning is about building schedules, a creative and exciting work. A group with me as a planner, together with the project members, find a way forward to achieve the goals we have set.

We build a structure for the project and then fill this structure with activities that we can connect. The connection means that during all phases of the project we can see in advance if we reach the set goals and implement any measures if we see that we slip

When the schedule is in place, we follow up where we see how much of what we planned to do is really done. Based on this snapshot of reality, we can make analyzes and create reports to communicate with the project's stakeholders but also find measures to implement where needed.

"Thinking is a general repetition of action" - Sigmund Freud


"Luck is what happens where opportunities and planning meet" - Thomas Alva Edison

Going in as a leader for your planning is nothing new. I can take on leadership assignments at all levels where the focus is on the development of planning in your organization, both in the long and short term. From interim leadership to a long-term commitment where I work with your entire planning, both have their charms.

"Being prepared is half the victory" - Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra


"It pays to plan ahead. It did not rain when Noah built the ark." - Denis Waitley

Planning strategy is about finding the most optimal method for how you should manage the planning in your entire organization. These are the main features where we talk about processes, strategic issues, method choices, resource issues, levels of detail, etc. We look, discuss, turn and turn around the whole and the big questions for how you should handle your planning.

"Do not forget that you can eat an elephant, as long as you cut it into small enough pieces." - Russian proverb

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I am a senior planning consultant who works with planning for complex construction, maintenance and manufacturing projects. The more complex the more fun. I have experience of all phases and levels of planning and the bigger the challenges, the more fun the planning! In addition to planning, I also have experience of training in planning and planning tools. I am also an experienced leader who can lead small or large groups of planners in a line or project organization.

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